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We Are the Concourse

For far too many Americans, college isn't working.


And yet, college is more important than ever.



Since 2010, 99% of new jobs have gone to workers with college credentials


Since 2010, BA graduates have gained 8.6M jobs. AA graduates have gained 1.3M jobs.


Workers with just high school diplomas lost 5.5M jobs in the 2008 recession


We're working to tackle this problem.

Our mission is to spur economic mobility by helping more students graduate with a rigorous, low-cost, and job-relevant degree. We do this by re-designing the college experience to better meet the needs of working adults.

We believe that how we get there matters.

We’ve got big goals. But we also believe that how we achieve these goals matters. We choose to center our journey around the following organizational values.

Concourse Values

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