How it works

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Step 1: Enroll

When you join Concourse, we'll help you enroll in a bachelor's degree program offered by a partner university.

Our founding degree partner is Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), a private, non-profit university established in 1932 — and, more specifically, a SNHU program called College for America (CfA).

What makes CfA special is that it's "competency-based." What this means is that instead of earning credit by spending a certain number of hours in class, in CfA you'll earn credit by demonstrating your mastery of a given skill or concept. This will help you learn better and — often — faster (because you can spend less time on topics you know well, and more time on topics that are challenging).

Step 2: Meet your coach

When you enroll in Concourse, you'll also be paired with an academic coach, whom you'll meet with weekly. Your academic coach is your point person for all questions Concourse — there to help you navigate the curriculum, troubleshoot academic issues, connect with resources, craft an academic plan. And even when you’re not scheduled for a meeting in-person or on the phone, your coach is just an email or text away. 

Step 3: Meet your cohort

Learning isn’t an individual sport. As a Concourse fellow, you’ll join a larger “cohort" of Concourse fellows, and a smaller “learning crew” of 4-6 people. Each month, you’ll gather as a cohort for a "rendezvous meeting" to trade notes, celebrate wins, and build relationships.


Step 4: The Microcampus

The microcampus is where you go to get help — or just get away. It’s a place for high-speed internet, snacks, and for help when you need it. Our first microcampus is located at 1015 Macdonald Ave, in downtown Richmond, CA (just a few blocks from BART).

Step 5: Build skills

Concourse isn’t just about getting a degree; it’s about building job-relevant skills. You’ll do this in three ways. First, you’ll build skills through the College for America program itself. Unlike other programs, College for America is entirely project-based, and structured around real-world content (like analyzing a business scenario and writing a memo to your team). Second, you’ll also build skills through regular in-person trainings in key professional skills like presentation, project management, design. Finally, at Concourse, you’ll also have the option of choosing a “career minor,” a short but powerful course in a technical skill aligned to local employers.

Step 6: Graduate

We’ve designed our program to help you earn your college degree as efficiently as possible. When you complete the College for America program, you'll earn a respected, accredited, and job-relevant bachelor's degree.

At Concourse, our ultimate aim is to help you achieve your professional goals. By completing our program, you'll build the skills and networks you need to land your next job. We help you do this through extensive career coaching, partnerships with local and regional employers, and more.

Step 7: Get hired