College, designed for you.

We're a nonprofit building a better college experience
for working adults in the SF Bay Area.

Earn an accredited, job-relevant bachelor's degree
while working at your own pace and with the support of a personal coach.


Earn your BA. Without the BS.


A flexible degree: At Concourse, you'll enroll in a rigorous, online bachelor's program offered by a partner university. Our founding degree partner is Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), a private, non-profit
university established in 1932 — and, more specifically, a SNHU program called College for America (CfA).

CfA isn't your standard degree program — there are no lectures, no tests, and no traditional grades. Instead, all your work is project-based, and you earn credit not by spending a certain number of hours in class, but by demonstrating mastery of a given concept or skill. This flexible curriculum means that you decide how fast or slow you earn your degree.


The support you need: At Concourse, you’re so much more than a face in the crowd. When you enroll with us, we’ll match you with a personal academic coach, and with a cohort of other Concourse "fellows." You’ll also have access to a “microcampus” — a convenient and comfortable place for you to meet with your coach, do work, and hang out. Our first microcampus is located in the heart of Richmond, CA, just five minutes from BART. And we make it easy to get help — you can email or text your personal coach any time, or access a 24/7 online tutoring platform.


Job-relevant skills: We equip you with the professional skills you need to land a good job. At Concourse, you'll benefit from regular training in job-relevant skills like communication, project management, design, and beyond. In addition to an academic major, you'll have the option of choosing a "career minor" relevant to local companies and industries. We'll also support you with career coaching and access to other professional resources.

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The price is right: As a nonprofit, we serve students, not shareholders. That means we keep costs low, to $3,250 per 6-month semester.* Also, because our program is self-paced, you’re in control of the overall cost of your degree — spend more time studying, and you’ll pay less per credit. Through our partnership with SNHU,  we help you apply for federal financial aid, which can cover over 90% of tuition and fees.

*This includes $1,750 in tuition for SNHU's College for America program, and $1,500 in fees to Concourse for support services.


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