The Concourse Educator Pathway

Earn your degree. Become a teacher.

The Concourse Educator Pathway helps school-based employees (like instructional aides and paraprofessionals) earn a bachelor’s degree and become a certificated teacher. Access all of our supports as a Concourse Fellow — and benefit from support with exam prep (CBEST and CSET) and in finding, applying, and transitioning to a high-quality teacher credential program.


Building a pathway for amazing classified staff to become teachers

  • Enroll: Like other Concourse Fellows, enroll in an accelerated, affordable bachelor’s degree program. Work with a personal coach, and access supports from on-demand tutoring, to a free laptop, to co-working space.

  • Prepare: Get special support preparing to pass the CBEST and CSET tests. We aim for all ed pathway Fellows to pass both exams before graduation.

  • Get credentialed: Get support exploring and applying to high-quality credentialing programs partnering with Concourse. Match with the program of your choice to complete your journey to becoming a certificated teacher.