Degree & Career Pathways

Learn more about our degree & career pathway programs here at Concourse. To learn more about how we partner with accredited nonprofit universities to help you earn an accelerated, low-cost degree, read our “How it works” page, and FAQs.


Bachelor’s of art (BA) in management

  • Degree partner: College for America (Southern New Hampshire University)

  • You’ll learn: Through this degree pathway, you’ll gain broad exposure to all aspects of managing an organization. You’ll build skills in communications, finance, HR, marketing, data analysis, team management, brand building, organizational behavior, and more.

  • Jobs you might be interested in: Your BA in Management will help prepare you for a variety of fields and roles — for instance, jobs like project manager, HR manager, business analyst, customer success manager, or sales manager.


Bachelor’s of science (BS) in information technology (launching november 2019)

  • You’ll learn: Through this degree pathway, you’ll become an IT expert, building skills in information management, security, networking, server administration, operating systems, web design, and software development. You’ll also earn job-relevant certifications like CompTIA A+ 220-901 and 902 and CompTIA Cloud+.

  • Jobs you might be interested in: Your BS in IT will help prepare you for jobs like computer systems analyst, web developer, or information security analyst.


Bachelor’s of ARTS (BA) in COMMUNICATIONS with a concentration in Business

  • You’ll learn: Through the BA in Communications, you’ll build skills in marketing, PR, team leadership, and business management. This degree pathway has a fair bit of overlap with the BA in Management, but with a greater emphasis on presentation and communication.

  • Jobs you might be interested in: This degree program can help prepare you for roles like marketing manager, PR specialist, or advertising manager.


Bachelor’s of ARTS (BA) in healthcare management

  • You’ll learn: College for America’s BA in Healthcare Management is a nonclinical program designed to prepare students for careers in healthcare administration. In this degree, you’ll learn about topics like healthcare data, healthcare quality, and healthcare HR.

  • Jobs you might be interested in: Prepare for roles in community health, patient services, healthcare HR, and other healthcare administration fields.