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Who we are
Across the country, college completion rates are abysmal. Nationwide, students take 6.5 years on average to earn a BA. Traditional college is no longer a gateway to economic opportunity, especially for low-income and working students.

We think this status quo is unacceptable. At Concourse Education, we’re creating a new college experience to help our students (who are working parents, activists, aspiring teachers, Dreamers, and more) earn a rigorous, affordable, and job-relevant bachelor's degree. We recruit students who have dropped out of college or never started, enroll them in a rigorous online degree program, and support them with one-on-one coaching, a community of peers, and a brick-and-mortar campus.

Why we need you
We launched in fall of 2018 with our first Fellows (students, in Concourse parlance). Back then, we were a founding team of four. Now, we’re seven team members strong. We want you to be our eighth.

You’ll be our first team member fully dedicated to coaching students, and you’ll work with Iris, our Director of Program and Lead Coach. Your mission: coach 40-50 Fellows toward earning a BA in 2-3 years.

Through live and in-person coaching sessions, phone calls, video chats, and texts, you might play any number of roles, including academic problem-solver, confidante, success coach, consultant, and motivational speaker. You will also monitor Fellow progress outside of these sessions, supporting your coachees as unexpected challenges arise.

To do this work well, you’ll need to balance efficacy (helping students persist) with efficiency, empathy with high expectations, and patience with pace.

Who you are

Characteristics & qualities

  • You jump at the chance to solve problems collaboratively. You’re quick to diagnose what isn’t working and come up with solutions. You ask a lot of questions to uncover the nature of things. When interacting with others, you listen first, then speak. You don’t assume that you have all the answers, and you are always open to new knowledge, even if it destabilizes your assumptions. You are attuned to other people’s needs and you honor those needs, while balancing them with your own.

  • You sweat the small stuff, always follow through on your commitments, and are meticulous about documenting, communicating and organizing your work.

  • You believe shame has no place in education. You believe all students are whole people with complex lives, and you believe anyone can succeed with the right support and environment.

Work experience & background

  • You have experience mentoring, coaching, or teaching people from diverse backgrounds.

  • You are a keen communicator and writer. You have the EQ to shepherd a conversation to the desired outcome.

  • You have a Bachelor’s degree. Even better if you worked while attending college, attended a community college en route to a BA, were an adult or parent learner, or in some other way deviated from the so-called “traditional” pathway.

Why you should apply

As the eighth member of our team, you’ll work directly with students to support them in earning their degree. You’ll use your critical thinking, creativity, and emotional intelligence to increase access to higher education and, more broadly, to economic opportunity. Coaches at Concourse have the privilege of building the strongest relationships with our Fellows, and current Fellows have this to say about their Coach:

The support I get from my Coach has been life-changing.

The coaching has been amazing. It's been really having someone that I can go to help me problem-solve, get out of my own head and help keep me on track.

The commitment of my Coach is beyond me, and it makes me so grateful that even when I feel like giving up I have my Coach to give me those pep talks and put plans into action.

The support I’ve gotten so far has been beyond great. I can’t appreciate it enough!

We’re committed to helping you achieve your professional and learning goals, so expect to grow. This will be really hard…but also (based on our first-hand experience) really fun.

The nitty gritty

  • Target start date: Monday, 7/8/19

  • This is a full-time role, based in Richmond, CA, with frequent local travel, occasional evening/weekend hours, and an option to work remotely 1-2 times a week.

  • We offer health benefits and 29 days of paid time off per year (including 15 days PTO and 14 recognized holidays and office closures).

  • Compensation is commensurate with experience.

How do I apply?

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